At Home with Jane: Timeless Marble

Beautiful and timeless, marble will always be in high demand. You just need to be careful where in your home you decide to install it. It is excellent for places that are not heavily used like bathrooms, offices, fireplaces. It’s definitely not recommended for the kitchen. Marble is very porous, absorbing liquids such as oil, wine, and juice at a rapid rate. These liquids can penetrate deep into the stone making it nearly impossible to get out. Should you decide to use it, there are two ways you can keep it clean or refresh it. It can be professionally sealed or a poultice can be used to pull out stains.

Jane McGarry has beautiful marble throughout her new home. When she bought the condo, the marble had a few unwanted stains. She found a local professional to clean it up for her. Check out the amazing photos below:

marble yuk

marble process

marble bath

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