Razing Valley View


The eyesore that was once Valley View Mall sits quietly off of I-635 with nothing but blacktop available for viewing pleasure. While it was once a weekend destination for kids with pimples and teen angst its popularity dipped as more popular places to shop popped up, and the advent of online shopping became the social norm. Developer, Scott Beck is slated to save Valley View from an untimely demise by razing the property. The project has a December 31st deadline to begin the process that could take as little as six months. Beck is planning to erect a 311 multi-family unit with ground floor retail, a new 10 screen AMC theatre also with ground floor retail, a 250 room hotel, and grocery and fitness facilities. Beck would also like to plant a massive park in the middle of the center. DISD even has their eye on the location for a school. Midtown is the tentative name for the new mixed use facility. Click here to see photos of the rendering.

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