West End Digital Makeover


Dallas’ West End is getting a digital makeover. The Dallas Innovation Alliance will be turning the historic district into a full blown “smart city” sector. The project will include:

-Public Wi-Fi

-Intelligent, LED streetlights with air quality sensors

-A mobility app that allows people to search for transportation options

-Interactive digital kiosks with features such as cellphone charging stations, touchscreen maps and public transit schedules

-Open source software platform that aggregates data and provides opportunities for citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build smart city applications on top of the platform

-Solar-powered waste management with sensors that detect when trash cans need to be emptied

The Innovation Alliance has worked with philanthropic organizations to raise $400,000 to put toward the project. Dallas Mayor, Mike Rawlins stated that he is looking forward to the completion of the project, and he also hopes Dallas can adopt smarter approaches to everyday tasks, such as making it possible for people to pay every city fee or utility bill online. Dallas residents can preview the West End projects at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

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