What Defines a Bedroom?


noun bed·room \-ˌrüm, -ˌru̇m\

: a room furnished with a bed and intended primarily for sleeping

via miriam-webster.com


There is a common misconception about what is and is not a bedroom in the Real Estate industry.  A high percentage of agents will walk into a room without a closet and describe it as a den, or an office but this is not the case. The fact of the matter is a bedroom does not need a closet to be called a bedroom.  There are 4 criteria for a room to be called a bedroom: 1. Entrance, 2. Ceiling Height, 3. An Escape, 4. Size. This appraisal blog lays it out in detail.

My advice to builders is to add closets to any rooms you want consumers to consider a bedroom, clearing up any confusion. If you’re the consumer: don’t dismiss a room just because it doesn’t have a closet. You could be missing out.


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